A fresh wind at the Seaside


seaBreeze is a fully integrated web application server with included WYSIWYG HTML editor inside the web browser. It has full connectivity to the rest of the word - from simple shop applications to complex configurator or business portals. Everything can be done in one IDE.



What is it?

seaBreeze is a graphical editor suite that enables you to set up and maintain a complete Web 2.0  application - from creating the components with a wizard to editing the components in the graphical editor.

The resulting seaBreeze application can be developed in the same way as common VisualWorks applications.

seaBreeze is released under the MIT License and available as part of the Heeg Contribution on the VisualWorks 7.10 installation. You can get a fully supported commercial license from Georg Heeg eK.



Who should use it?

Imagine Seaside - the power of Smalltalk for the Web 2.0 - at your hand, but you still

  • have to know all the HTML Element names
  • the parameters of these elements
  • the javascript that these elements support

You don't really want this - and you don't have to! Be the absolute beginner or the experienced Smalltalk wizard - both can win by using seaBreeze for setting up their Seaside powered Web 2.0 application.



Where can I find it?

seaBreeze is part of the VisualWorks installation and is included in the Heeg contributions, starting with VisualWorks 7.10. To load seaBreeze from the Heeg Contributions, launch VisualWorks and from the Launcher select System -> Load Parcel Named... and then type seaBreeze.

Once seaBreeze is loaded, you'll find the Seaside menu in the Launcher. In there, make sure the server is running and then select Open Browser on Server.

The seaBreeze Browser should open in your Web Browser now and list all your seaBreeze Applications. You can also access the Documentation from there to get started.




seaBreeze is published by Georg Heeg eK under MIT License. Alternatively you can get a fully supported commercial license from Georg Heeg eK.