The Palette

The Palette groups all elements that can be added to the current user interface. Depending on the platform of the application, different elements may be available. The groups are displayed as tabs and in each tab are a list of possible elements.

To add an element, click on the element. The new element will either be added to the current selection or to a parent that allows it to be added. If the element can only be added in a wrapped way, it will be wrapped first.

The following examples will illustrate what happens

Scenario 1

A div element is selected, a text element is added. The div element will now contain the text element.

Scenario 2

A div element contains a text element and the text element is selected. A new text element is added and it will be added to the div element, because the selected text element cannot contain a text element.

Scenario 3

A div element is selected and an input field is added. As the input field requires a form element, it is wrapped in a form element and added to the div.

Scenario 4

A form element is selected and an input field is added. The input field will be added directly to the form.


Copyright 2013 by Georg Heeg eK, released under MIT License