The editor element is a simple editor for any kind of Object. 



stores the editor's value.


a selector that is called when the value changes. This object returned by this method will be the object stored in the model. The default implementation simple returns the argument.


a selector that returns an instance of UndoManager. If you don't use an UndoManager leave it free.

Object's class

the class of the object that the editor will expect to edit. If the editor's value is nil, this value will be used to choose the actual editor

default sets nil

if this checkbox is set, the editor will replace its value with nil, when the value is equal to the value's class's default value. (i.e. If the editor works on a String and the String is empty, it would return the value nil as the empty String is the default value of the class String).



Copyright 2013 by Georg Heeg eK, released under MIT License