The tab element provides a tab control. It has a list of labels and shows content for each tab. It has two possible usage scenarios. One is to have a static tab control with predefined tabs and different predefined content for each. The other is to have dynamic tabs, which all have the same content for each tab but different dynamic content depending on the selected tab.  


Selected Tab

The tab that can currently being edited in the web painter. Change the tab to edit the other tabs' contents.


The list of tabs that can be edited

Use Dynamic Model

if true, the tab control uses a dynamic model. Set the aspect to return an instance of SBTabModel

Use Style

if true, the tabs will be rendered with a style

Tab Color

defines which color the tab has

Selected Tab Color

defines the color of the selected tab

Gap between Tabs (pt)

the number of points between each tab.




Copyright 2013 by Georg Heeg eK, released under MIT License