A fresh wind at the Seaside

Further Details

  • import of existing HTML Pages is possible
  • integrity of workflow despite usage of back and forward buttons in the web browser
  • easy integration into existing architectures by support of major communication interfaces like MQ, Corba, SAP (both XI and RFC), Sockets
  • integration of DLLs, .Net-Assemblies, COM Components possible 
  • supported databases: Oracle, DB2, Postgres, MySQL, ODBC, SQLite3
  • seaBreeze is fully portable between all major server platforms: Windows, OS X, Linux, HP-UX, Solaris
  • Open Source




  • Wordwide unique live debugging facilities for all components in the running server application
  • hot-plug server updates possible by dynamic reloading of components or patches
  • the integrated WYSIWYG layout editor is running inside the web browser and thos allows for remote maintenance
  • developer support by integrated fully transparent ajax and Javascript functionality
  • huge class library for server, application, connectivity and more in one product
  • development is completely platform independent
  • complete content / source code management can be done in one database
  • inherent safe against a multitude of website attacks (cross-side-scripting, replay attacks, parameter tempering, ...)